Want Church Growth?

4 New, Attractive Strategies To Reject 

Evangelical Church Growth Skids To A Stop.

The Evangelical Church in Iran grows at a rate nearly 24 times as fast as in America. (1)




The Evangelical Church in America faces a crisis. Its members flee it in droves. Young people, once the foundation of the Church, no longer remain as in the past. (2)

American church buildings, once alive with activity, set empty and silent.

“Not to worry,” say American Church growth experts. They have plans to reverse the trend. Emergent Church proponents offer a range of ideas to stem the tide and promote growth. In addition, the mega-church activists emphasize a different approach to growth.

Declining Church growth, however, indicates a deeper problem than mere lack of numerical growth.

Where does one turn to find analysis of the Church’s problems that lead to its decline? Frank Schaeffer, son of the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer, summarized some of the current recommendations in an article, “Progressive Christianity Is As Broken As Evangelicalism: Here’s How To Fix It.” (3)

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Christmas: Overcome By Its Looming Collapse?

10 Ideas Help You Overcome The Myths

10 Christmas Messages: How To Get More From The Season



Christmas purchases account for 1/6 of all retail sales in the US. (1) Alabama was the first state in the US to officially recognize Christmas in 1836. (2) It became an official holiday in the US on June 26, 1870. (3) Each year, people in the US alone send more than 3 Billion Christmas cards. (4)

The United States enjoys a rich tradition of Christmas celebrations. During recent years, however, they have come under increasing abuse. Anti-religious assaults against public, religious, Christmas displays compel governments to remove them from public property.

Schools, once the supporter of Christmas pageants and music, now replace them with “Winter” programs. Even stores and restaurants avoid religious Christmas music and displays in deference to the small, yet vocal anti-religious emphasis.

Christians and those supportive of a Christian prominence for this special season endure the intolerance of the insistent minority. Tolerance walks a one-way street.

However, a quick survey of Biblical history boosts the spirits of those who desire the religious celebration of Christmas.

 1: Christmas Messages: Jesus Preexisted Christmas.

Jesus did not start life at His birth in Bethlehem. Christ as the Son of God the Father exists from eternity past. Jesus existed prior to creation of the heavens and the earth. (5) In fact, Christ created all things. (6) In His preexistence, Jesus shared equality with God, being in the form of God. (7)

In truth, Christ began His physical life on earth at His birth in Bethlehem. Thus, He became a unique person, fully God and fully man. (8)

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False Prophets: Who Are They?

Excerpt From The Book, Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

3 Easy To Follow Ways Unlock Their Deceits

The Arraignment Of False Prophets

A Top 10 Podcast

“Am I a fool? I don’t think I’m a fool. But I think I sure was fooled.” (Kenneth Lay)




Why do false prophets in the Church fool you? It does not take a fool to be fooled.

Do you believe they do not exist?

Does their charm overwhelm you?

Do you know their characteristics?

This popular podcast explores these problems as Jesus confronted them. It will give you 3 easy ways to unlock their attractive myths. Click here.