The Holy Bible: Who Needs Its Proven Useful Secrets?


5 Simple Ways It Will Help You 


Why does the Holy Bible remain as the #1 best-selling book of all time? Dictators attempted to destroy it. Cultures condemn it. People mock it. Yet it outsells all other books.

In 2014, organizations distributed over 300 million copies of the Holy Bible plus over 428 million copies of individual Scriptures around the world. (1) Year after year people find in reading the Bible 5 simple ways that help them. The Apostle Paul wrote to his protégé, Timothy, directions on how to use the Bible in his life.

The Holy Bible: Who Needs Its Proven Useful Secrets?

5 Simple Ways It Will Help You

  1. The Holy Bible: It Records God’s Declaration To Mankind.

The Bible declares that it originated with God, not humans. Leaving no room for doubt, it states that it came from God in every respect. (2) He inspired the writers to write and breathed into them what they recorded.

Thus, each separate Biblical unit, its matter and its words, originated with God and disclosed His declaration to mankind. This explains the source and extent of God’s self-revelation to humans.

This inspiration of the Bible stands as the foundation of all Christian conduct–sufficient, certain, and dependable. Now, as in the eras when written, humans everywhere need God’s message to them. It will give them His directions to them on how to live, regardless of their life’s circumstances.

  1. The Holy Bible: It Reveals God’s Truth To Mankind.

The Bible unveils God’s truth. The Holy Spirit, Who inspired it, put it this way, “…(Scripture) is profitable for doctrine…” (3) The word of God provides teaching on God’s truth.

In it, Timothy would find God’s truth about:

  • His self-revelation to humanity:
  • mankind’s condition before God;
  • what to believe and to do;
  • the saving work of Christ; and
  • the practical purpose(s) these truths.

Without question, the failure to know and apply true Biblical doctrine affects the Church of Jesus Christ today. Its lack prevents true worship and glory to God. Its absence causes the Church to conform to the world and its methods.

The Church and Christians today, must reject carnal temptations and must conform their ideas, opinions, thoughts, and actions to God’s truths as revealed in the Bible. A change of this magnitude will revive the hearts of God’s people.

  1. The Holy Bible: It Reproves You.

The Holy Spirit through Paul made it clear to Timothy, and to us, that the truths of the Bible affect behavior. He said that the word of God “…is profitable…for reproof…” (4)

This word reproof has a significant meaning. It means a rebuke that brings conviction of sin. Thus, God’s word:

  • searches the heart:
  • examines the mind;
  • challenges the will;
  • tries the thoughts; and
  • stirs the affections against sin and unrighteousness.

Like a sword, it discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart. (5)

Timothy sorely needed this word of encouragement. He faced a group of people who needed conviction for their sinful deeds. Though they called themselves Christians, they lived contrary to Biblical truth. The inspired instruction of Paul led him to the means of reproof, the Holy Bible.

Our modern era requires the same counsel. Often the Church of Jesus Christ and many believers today decry the Biblical standard of truth and reject the necessity of precise doctrinal declarations. Thus, they hide behind the defense of ‘differing interpretation’ to excuse their sinful conduct.

That’s exactly why the Church today needs to follow the prescription given to Timothy. The current condition of the Church requires the reproof of the Bible, too.

  1. The Holy Bible: It Restores You Back To God.

Paul’s letter to Timothy reminded him that the Bible restores believers back to God. The Spirit’s message clearly stated this in the following manner, “…(It is) profitable…for correction (and) for instruction in righteousness.” (6)

These two phrases identify the Scripture’s extent in restoration. First, it corrects. In its literal meaning, this term describes restoring something to an upright state or setting something right. In spiritual application, then, the Bible gives correction or improvement in life and character.


  • corrects from error
  • disciplines in disobedience; and
  • develops faith.

Second, God’s word instructs in righteousness. It imparts admonition, training, and education through commands, warnings, and reproof.

No wonder, then, Paul by the Spirit followed this counsel with the direction to preach the word. (7) The word of God would sanctify the believers with the truth and correct them. (8)

In like fashion, believers and the Church of Jesus Christ today need the sanctification of the Bible. With rare exception, the child of God in this era neglects it and its restoring message. No revival will ever occur without faithful adherence to the truths of Scripture in life and practice.

  1. The Holy Bible: It Refines You Unto Godliness.

To demonstrate the effect of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, through the Apostle, identified its end purpose: to refine the child of God unto completion and good works.

The revelation of God in His word identifies what mankind must believe and what to do. Through its application, the Holy Spirit brings mankind into conformity to God’s will in thought, purpose, and action. His word cultivates the mind and morals to increase virtue. It edifies the soul by correcting sin and curbing passions (9)

As in Timothy’s day, the Church of Jesus Christ desperately needs these results. She has become selfish, hypocritical, and deceitful. The faithful preaching and application of Biblical truth will engender spiritual revival in the Church, which She so desperately needs.

Spiritual decline always results from the failure to submit to the Bible in life. It inevitably causes unbelief and disobedience. It places mankind’s personal authority above the authority of God and His word.

David, the Psalmist, stated it clearly in Psalms 119:11:

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”

To those who follow this instruction, it works.

No spiritual revival ever occurred in history without a proper regard for the Holy Bible. These simple declarations disclose fundamental truths to believe about God’s word. They provide correction from doctrinal error and direction for life.


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