How to Overcome Failure and Experience Genuine Success

Excerpt From The Book Keys To A Revolutionary Life

Who else wants genuine success in life? Frustrated with life’s failures? Imagine your life that conquers traumas and enjoys victory. Take 5 minutes and see how an uncommon guide can help you overcome failure and experience genuine success…you’ll rejoice that you did.



How many books on success have you read? You have probably read at least one book on success. You may have attended a seminar or heard someone speak on how to attain it. Maybe you have studied it as I have.

And why not? Everyone wants to learn the keys to successful living. As Samuel Johnson said:

“Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties, passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes and seeing them gratified.”1

  • Imaginary Success

To reach our goals, we tried the plans and philosophies of those whom we read and heard. Their ideas squeezed us into their molds and shaped our lives. We overcame difficulties and reached our dreams. When measured by these human standards, we built our house of success.

To others, happiness equates with success. They exert great effort in pursuit of positions and possessions. The attainment of rank and goods brings a measure of happiness. However, the temporary bliss soon fades into feelings of failure and emptiness.

Yes, we can reach these kinds of success without following God’s plan. However, when we do, it resembles a house built upon the sand, a vain and meaningless achievement. In short, we miss the essentials of true prosperity.

  • Genuine Success

To build success properly, we need to know God’s design for it. God said in Psalm 127:1:

“Except God builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.”

Since God created us, He knows the ingredients for genuine success. In the Bible, God outlines His view of it and demonstrates it in the life of Daniel.

God prospered Daniel regardless of the situations he faced. We face many of the same traumas and triumphs Daniel experienced. By the grace of God, He provided a pattern for our success through the Biblical account of Daniel’s amazing, victorious life.

His life pictures for us the Biblical principles of prosperity. They differ from the popular ones we have read and heard. When we adopt God’s laws, He shapes our lives with them. Then, we discover life beyond our dreams. By the exertion of God’s power within us, He takes us far beyond our imagination.


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