Popular Belief: Bible Approves Homosexuality?

Want Quick and Easy to Follow Biblical Answers to Homosexuality and the Church?



Answers the following prominent questions:

  • Is it a sin to be gay or to be in a same-sex relationship?
  • Popular belief: Bible approves homosexuality?
  • What Bible passages do people believe refer homosexuality?
  • God made me this way? Reasons why it matters.
  • Abomination or orientation? Unlock this emerging challenge.
  • Christian – homosexual destiny?
  • Prominent controversy: Sodom’s dirty secrets?
  • Revolutionary breakthrough: Jesus’ unconditionally loving homosexuals?
  • Jesus’ comments on homosexuality?: Jesus Controversial attitude on homosexuality
  • Can a homosexual reconcile with Christian beliefs?
  • What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

At last, the 7 most important Biblical references on homosexuality explained and confirmed from the Bible and nonBiblical references.

Unlock the controversy between the Bible and homosexuality.

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