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“Behind every successful person stands a surprised mother-in-law…”

No doubt you have laughed at this familiar statement. No, a surprised mother-in-law does not provide the key to success.

That funny statement does not describe my mother-in-law. I learned many lessons from her. She lived the last 10 years of her life in our home. Diane and I thank God for those years when we enjoyed her, helped to make her life meaningful, and took care of her.

One day, she called me into her living quarters. She wanted to give me some money. She knew of the ministry that God called me to start, and she wanted to help with our finances.

I declined her offer with great emphasis, telling her that we did not welcome her into our home for her money. She held her ground and said to me:

“Tom, you need to learn how to humble yourself and accept the gifts of those who want to help you.”

Wow…talk about a two-by-four between the eyes. Thank God He convicted me on the spot, and I told her she was right. I thanked her for her gift…a great lesson learned and not forgotten.

It humbles me to receive the many gifts that people have given to Master Ministries International, Inc. It would fail without their faithful generosity.

Because of it, MMII continues to reach multitudes of people around the world with the truths of the gospel of Christ, without cost to them.

Pastors, evangelists, and fellow believers in Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and countless other nations have access to over 600 audio and video Bible studies to use, as well as hundreds of articles and PDF sermon transcriptions that I write, plus articles from well-known Christian leaders.

Since inception, MMII has delivered over 133,000 audio and video Bible studies plus over 2,000,000 articles and sermon transcriptions. Last month’s visitors came from 82 nations. God uses this unique ministry in ways that astound me.

However, as you know from your own experience, costs of virtually everything continue to rise. This increase strains the finances of MMII, too.

In spite of increased costs, MMII’s policy of “free as the Lord provides” remains in force and will continue. We have never failed to provide materials, even books and Bible’s, to anyone who desires them, without charge, as the Lord has provided.

Though the ministry opportunities and expenses for MMII continue to increase, I have resisted the practice of asking people to contribute to this work.

MMII acknowledges with gratitude the faithful monthly donors and occasional givers whose gifts continue to make this ministry possible. You, too, can share in this work of God by donating resources that MMII can use to reach others with the message of Jesus Christ either with a one-time gift or more frequently with a monthly gift as God directs you.

I write to you to ask you to consider prayerfully your becoming a Partner with Master Ministries in the work it provides throughout the world.  This link provides information on the kinds of contributions which you can consider, an online link for immediate gifts, and the address where you can mail your contribution.

Free Book Offer On The Key To Success

As a way to thank you, I will attach a FREE copy of my book, Keys To A Revolutionary Life to the receipt for your gift to Master Ministries International, Inc. in any amount. This book provides 5 Unique Perspectives on the key to success taken from the life of Daniel. You can read more about it at this link.

I will humbly and gratefully accept the donation that God leads you to provide MMII and will prayerfully use it for His honor and glory.

Master Ministries International, Inc., an IRS registered 501(c )3 organization, will provide a receipt to you to use in filing your United States tax returns.